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About Us

OpenCRAVAT is a new open source, scalable decision support system to support variant and gene prioritization. It offers a dynamic GUI, allowing users to easily, download tools from an extensive resource catalog, create customized pipelines, run jobs at speeds that exceed current variant annotation API services, and explore results in a richly detailed viewing environment. OpenCRAVAT is distinguished from similar tools by the amount and diversity of data resources and computational prediction methods available, which span germline, somatic, common, rare, coding and non-coding variants. We have designed the OpenCRAVAT resource catalog to be open and modular to maximize community and developer involvement, and as a result the catalog is being actively developed and growing larger every month.

Rachel Karchin
Principal Investigator
Johns Hopkins University
Kymberleigh Pagel
Assisstant Research Scientist
Johns Hopkins University
Mike Ryan
Head Software Architect
In Silico Solutions
RyangGuk Kim
Bioinformatics Specialist
Oak Bioinformatics LLC
Kyle Moad
Software Developer
In Silico Solutions
Ben Busby
Biomedical Data Science Consultant
Christian Townes
Graphic Designer